Diane von Furstenberg

Fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg started her fashion career early 70s. However, today Diane von Furstenberg is successfully running her business that has earned a lot of praise. Her collections of clothing, perfumes are one of the most admired by celebrities. Diane von Furstenberg became famous and popular for her natural perfume made only of flowers.

 First Diane von Furstenberg perfume, Tatiana Perfume for Women, showed up in 1975. It is still her most wonderful and sensual perfume for women. Almost all Diane von Furstenberg perfumes are described to be easy to wear, fresh and lovely. Her second stunning perfume is Diane von Furstenberg Volcan d’Amour. This year Diane von Furstenberg Love Diane will show up in September 2012.

This year Diane von Furstenberg delights her wearers with one of the most thrilling and gorgeous perfume for women, Diane Eau de Parfum. “I wanted to put the power of women in a bottle,” – Diane von Furstenberg.

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