MOSCHINO is a fashion icon and a leading design house in the industry world. Moschino Perfumes are classified as elegant yet with a touch of flirty charm. Moschino perfumes are truly unique, very soft, yet manage to carry energy and to delight even most demanding perfume connoisseurs.

Most famous Moschino Perfumes for women include CHEAP & CHIC perfume by Moschino, I Love Love perfume by Moschino, Moschino FUNNY perfume by Moschino, Moschino Hippy Fizz perfume by Moschino, Moschino Pink Bouquet (2012).

Moschino Friends Cologne for Men by Moschino, UOMO MOSCHINO cologne by Moschino, Moschino Forever cologne by Moschino are just few of other Moschino delightfully tempting fragrances for men.


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